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contact 1 P.O. Box 1334-401 Washington Street
Cambridge, Maryland 21613
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contact 2 Phone:  443-225-5887
Mon. to Fri. 8am to 5pm
Call :  (443) 225-5887 or
          (443) 225-5897
Mobile:  (443) 521-0294
Fax:      (443) 225-5892
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Welcome to Visions America C.D.C.

Visions America C.D.C. is one of the most highly respected non-profit organizations with various programs and projects materialized all over Cambridge, Maryland. With the professionals in our network we are able to pursue programs such as Health Care, Child Care, Housing & Development Services and Engineering Consultancy.

Our focus is in contributing positively to the community through strategically envisioning development in the near future through sustainable programs that have received support from both private and government sectors.

Powered by initiatives of our own staff and efforts from generous third parties, we are able to build strong and substantial relationships. From the beginning of every project, we give our full-on commitment. This is the key to attracting further funding efforts from corporate, private and governmental parties.

  • we provide   Community Development
  • we provide   Energy Conservation
  • we provide   Healthcare - Support and Funding
  • we provide   Childcare Services
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